Welcome to Aging-in-Place Designs

 As designers and caregivers for their own parents Jane Barry, Bob Scarfo, and Jack Carman developed Aging-in-Place Designs to assist you in modifying your home and landscape environments so you can live there safely, comfortably, and more independently for as long as possible.

What We Do -- With Your Help

Fact: people and houses change over time. Problem: all too often our houses don’t quite keep up with the changes we experience.

With your help, we use a four-step process of evaluation, assessment, action, and follow up. We are happy to help you a little or a lot in making a plan for your home, connecting with local resources, and organizing handymen, builders, financial advisors, and others to help get your project done. Each step of the way we work with you to make sure you are treated fairly and the work is done properly.

Who Uses Aging-in-Place Designs’ Services

Home owners who are retired or near retirement and want to live out their lives in the house and in the community they have been part of for so long.

The children of older parents who either see their Mom and Dad’s house and surrounding yards in need of redesign or are planning to have a parent or parents move in with them.

Families with a member whose health, due to an illness or accident, has suddenly changed.